Unnatural Civility

In Reybert Ramos’ Unnatural Civility, the wolf does not don sheep’s clothing, rather, he wears the dignified and tailored suit associated with the educated and the elite. Locally, a corrupt public servant is often called a crocodile.  And we understand how the animal’s voracious appetite and natural fierceness befits this figure of speech.  Unnatural Civility stylishly extends this logic to recreate a beautiful world, one whose visually pleasing irony is apropos to the times.

Reybert Ramos (b. 1981) is a graduate of Visual Communication at the University of the Philippines Diliman and is currently an art director in a major broadcasting corporation. Aside from his numerous exhibits in the Philippines, his artworks have also reached the international platform through Art Fair Tokyo and Art Stage Singapore (solo show), and notable local institutions like Ayala Museum's ArtistSpace. Reybert enunciates his pop culture-infused satires through his distinct hyperrealist hybrids, pushing his artistic career into a more socially profound and recognized level.