The sudden sparks of light  — the twinkle of stars; the glimmer of the purple horizon; the refracted rainbow after the rain; the electric rush that seeps inside us as we watch fireworks dominate the new year’s evening sky — these are moments that would flutter our hearts for a while just before they leave. The urge to record them has become Jomike Tejido’s undertaking in “Scintillate” in integrating abstract mid-century modern design elements with these emotions and sentiments as they were seized by such enthralling junctures. In seeing these flashes of light, the mind begins to wander off in a state between remembering and rest while a wild meandering feeling of elation overcomes the body. Here, forms and shapes seem to float mid-air and demonstrate the way Tejido nurtures the composition. Depths and movements occupy the colorful ground from which lightscapes peer.  “Scintillate '' reminds us of the vastness of the universe amid the transitions of the past, present, and the future, and of catching the silver lining in the darkest of times.