Position Paper (Year 3)

Despite being perceived as a humble medium, paper has been at the fore of diverse art forms—from illustrations, calligraphy, paintings, all the way to literature and print, and even resonating into its new media contemporaries. Paper has always been a staple, a foundation of art making. Artworks on paper may have its share of vulnerability and unpredictability, but they likewise present a vision of a beginning and a culmination of an idea on a highly versatile material.

Such, Galerie Stephanie continues to highlight the ingenious possibilities of paper in the third edition of “Position Paper”. This medium similarly reflects the challenges of the present time, with artists resorting to paper being more commercially accessible. With more than 50 participating artists, this year’s Position Paper takes on a bolder reflection of the medium, mirroring the society’s present endeavours and how artists respond with resourcefulness and innovation.

Federico Aguilar Alcuaz
Angelito Antonio
Nunelucio Alvarado
Juvenal Sanso

Erika Abe
Emman Acasio
Poeleen Alvarez
Stephanie Alvarez
Roby Dwi Antono
Psalm Astejada
Julius Bagoyo
Mikko Baladjay
Renz Baluyot
Gwen Bautista
Tom Bucag
Jer Dee
Vincent De Pio
Teo Esguerra
James Fowler
Lui Gonzales
Kat Grow
Tuchi Imperial
Meghan Hildebrand
Aileen Lanuza
Genavee Lazaro
Jacob Lindo
Tintin Lontoc
Luis Lopa
Nasser Lubay
Jem Magbanua
Tokwa Peñaflorida
Georgina Pomarejos
Gabby Prado
Vin Quilop
Regina Reyes
Mark Santos
Imam Santoso
Geremy Samala
Jomike Tejido
Mark Turbolencia
Anton Villaruel
Jemima Yabes
Blaise Zamora