Juvenal Sansó - Setting The Stage
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Juvenal Sansó - Setting The Stage

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Setting the Stage | Juvenal Sanso

Text: Ricky Francisco 

9 x 9 in

Hardbound, 147 pages

"Sansó: Setting the Stage" shows for the first time the artist’s work as stage and costume designer for various operas, including Sergei Prokofiev’s The Gambler (1965, Aix-en-Provence, France), Giancarlo Menotti’s Markheim (1967, Spoleto, Italy), and Jacques Charpentier’s Beatris (1971, Aix-en-Provence, France). In the Philippines, Sansó co-designed with National Artist Napoleon Abueva the set of National Artist Nick Joaquin’s Tatarin when it was staged at the Cultural Center of the Philippines in 1978 (directed by National Artist Lamberto Avellana).

The book includes Sansó’s colored sketches for the staged productions, as well as studies for other operas, with related archival materials and paintings.