Into the Shimmer

A solo exhibition by Emman Acasio

As the world continues towards the unknown, sometimes we no longer know where to escape. But for visual artist Emman Acasio, it may just be in places we look the least.

Inspired from the 2018 film “Annihilation” by Alex Garland, Acasio paints the beauty of journeying towards the Shimmer or a quarantined zone of mutating plants and animals caused by extraterrestrials. It is a constant quest of adaptations and endurance, much like the world’s everyday journey against the virus. And while each step seems to bring new challenges to overcome, Acasio’s fourth solo exhibition called “Into the Shimmer” presents an aesthetic and positive escape by looking 

through vivid colors and magnificent creations of similarly “mutated” perspectives towards a better year. 

It is, after all, in the little sparks of color that we escape from the bleakness that this pandemic has brought.


Born in 1984 and raised in Lemery Batangas, Emman Acasio got a scholarship at the University of Sto. Tomas where he received his BFA in 2005, Cum Laude. He worked full-time in Singapore as an Art Director but has always found time to pursue his passion for the arts, particularly painting. Now living in Rizal, he has kept himself busy by joining various group exhibits, one of his recent ones being in Art Fair Philippines 2019. Further, he has been a consistent semifinalist in the Metrobank Art and Design Excellence in the painting division; and has been awarded as one of the national finalists consistently. Emman is focusing full-time in his art career all while highlighting the evolving elements in nature, which are evident in this solo