Telling the the lifestyle of the unorthodox, visual artists Baby Evil, Genavee Lazaro and Mikko Baladjay present glimpses of Bohemianism through their exhibit “Flower Child”.

While Baby Evil presents her signature quirky chaos of the faux naif—strangely loud and bright but significantly well balanced, Baladjay likewise narrates the explosion of colors in solid masses and abstractions with his “A Series of Events that Are Regularly Repeated In the Same Order”. Lazaro however, deviates from the unrecognizable and leans on a figurative render, but expresses the odd through the presence of her “cactus friends”.

While these artists’s styles differ, their affinity to entice curiosity is remarkably complementary. As they concoct an array of a carefree world in “Flower Child”, they likewise protest on the idea of questioning from the status quo, and finding thrill in the unfamiliar.