Fifteen-day Favorites

Favorites. It seems like such a luxury to have those in these trying times.

During the first few days since the government has implemented the community quarantine, having a choice was something critical and yet, in a way, abstract. We were either pushed to make the most of what we have or having to push to have the most. And in those days, surviving meant barely getting to choose a favorite.

In Farley del Rosario's latest solo exhibition, he narrates this idea of preferences and how we gradually were able to acquire it. Aptly titled Fifteen-day Favorites, it points to the average duration of a community quarantine before changes are declared. Del Rosario presents snippets of improving little luxuries within that period--from favorite ways to sanitize, favorite ways to connect, or even favorite ways to get tested--he creates a scene where people eventually were able to have the privilege to have options based on what they like despite the pandemic. This, in a way, reflects that "these trying times" does not seem like what it is anymore.