Exclusive Selections: Aileen Lanuza

Aileen Lanuza (b. 1982), who graduated as cum laude in Fine Arts in the University of the Philippines, continues to achieve a lot throughout her 16 years in the art industry, having participated in more than 60 group shows all over the Philippines and various areas in Southeast Asia and Canada. Her works have also been auctioned off in various local and international auction houses. Initially stabilizing her career with bright and playful pop-culture references, she continues to manifest her impressionistic adeptness with her signature female figures in traditional-wear. Both her early and recent styles has graced publications like “A Treasury of Philippine Nudes”, “Laserati: Pictures of Asia”, “Rhythms: Philippine Dance on Canvas”, and “Filipino Artists in Their Studios (Vol.2)”. She continues to paint images of women and flowers as titular characters of her philosophies.