Chromatic Permutations

Color is considered the most fundamental, and yet, the most relative element in art. There are hardly identical visual perceptions of color— a single hue may evoke countless readings. Seeing color is strongly anchored on the recognition of the in betweens of palettes; as well as the placing of the subjects. As creative beings, seeing things singularly is not considered seeing at all. 

To visually expound, Galerie Stephanie has gathered artists as an experimental survey. Providing the universally accepted primary colors as their prompts, Chromatic Permutations presents works that give the viewer a more intimate interpretation of the popular color spectrum.

Chromatic Permutations: Red

Eugene Dominguez

Aileen Lanuza

Lyndon Maglalang

Reybert Ramos

Hideo Tanaka

Keiko Yokoyama

Ev Yu


Chromatic Permutations: Yellow

Emman Acasio

Christian Carillaza

Pepe Delfin

Hae Ryun

Nikulas Lebajo

Gabby Prado


Chromatic Permutations: Blue

Renz Baluyot

Ricky Francisco

Cristina Gamón

Edrick Daniel

Imam Santoso

Jemima Yabes